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Internet Leased Line

Make your own business class
Step up to a reliable business-class network solution that senses your need for grouth, through blazing connectivity.

Billing Server

Client management & Billing server.
Smartguard is the complete Billing server system that brings together the best IP Billing Telephony software in the market, creating a comprehensive.

Wireless Product

Make up to 40 KM P2P link
Wireless operations permit services, such as long-range connection, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires.

High Speed Internet

Download Unlimited
Internet access connects individual computer terminals,computers, mobile devices, and computer networks to the Internet, enabling users to access Internet services (for example, email and the World Wide Web). Internet service providers (ISPs) offer Internet access to the public through various technologies that offer a wide range of data signalling rates (speeds). Consumer use of the Internet first became popular through broadband Internet access technologies.

Featured Products

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